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As the longest established physiotherapy clinic in the Inner West, Active Physiotherapy Newtown has been providing our clients with best practise manual therapy and rehabilitation, for over 25 years!

Our team hold clinical excellence in the fields of manual medicine, exercise therapy, sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

We believe it’s vital to treat the “root cause” of pain and dysfunction. Our expertise in integrated treatment allows us to care for your whole body, not just your symptoms.

Our expertise includes

  • Physiotherapy, particularly focused on reducing pain and dysfunction and restoring flexibility and movement
  • Sports therapy, helping athletes to ensure their body can work at peak performance
  • Physiotherapy for those who are pregnant, to help ease any discomforts and get the body prepared for childbirth
  • Rehabilitation, after an event such as an injury or an accident or surgery

Please contact us and we will ensure you have the specialist care you need to be and feel your best.

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