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Now at two convenient locations – Newtown and Sydney CBD

As the longest established physiotherapy clinic in the Inner West, Active Physiotherapy Newtown has been providing our clients with best practice manual therapy and rehabilitation, for over 25 years.

We are focused on providing you with the most effective patient care services through all stages. From your assessment and diagnosis to your treatment plan and implementation, you can rest assured you are being cared for with honesty and transparency.

We believe in educating our clients and listening to their concerns, so you’ll be involved in every step of your healthcare.

If you are in discomfort or pain, pregnant or just want to feel better, please contact us and we can talk through what services would suit you best.

As one of Sydney’s most established physiotherapy clinics, the team at Active Physiotherapy Newtown and CBD have long been helping our clients recover from pain and improve performance. Our practitioners have a high level of clinical excellence in managing conditions such as low back pain, pregnancy-related pain, improved running and cycling performance, post-surgical rehabilitation and overload injuries.

Our staff have reached a very high level of academic achievement and bring this academic rigour to the development of our unique and robust assessment and treatment techniques. With our expert assessment protocol, we’ll be sure to get to the root cause of your presenting problem, and not just identify your symptoms. For this reason, we have many clients who are coming to us after having failed with other therapists.

Once we have identified the cause of your symptoms, we will bring in our expert treatment techniques to give you relief from pain, improve your ability to perform functional tasks that you need in your everyday life, and improve your performance during activities that you love doing.

We know that pain, tightness, weakness can be quite disabling – in fact, there is quite a lot of evidence which shows us that your very important core muscles can become weaker when you’re in pain – it‘s been called “pain inhibition” and we now believe that this is one of the reasons why people have musculo-skeletal problems that become “chronic”. In fact, we have a lot of patients who are told by other clinicians and specialists that their problem is chronic and that they “should learn to live with it”. Definitely in certain cases this is true, but in many other cases we have seen, the patient has not really had the “driver” of their problem identified prior to this advice being given.

A driver can be defined as a body region which is not moving optimally. It might be a locked joint, a joint that is moving too much or is too weak. When this occurs, the neurological and fascial connections of the body cause other parts of the body to move differently, to compensate for this non-optimal region ( or driver).

We have found that, for certain patients, once their driver has been identified, we can target rehabilitation and treatment at the driver of their problem. Once this region has begun to improve and move more optimally, other parts of the body can start to move optimally and we can progress patients through their rehabilitation more effectively.

At Active Physiotherapy Newtown, we use this robust assessment, treatment and rehabilitation protocol for all presenting patients. Whether you’ve just had a baby and need to recover, or you are looking to get a faster 10km run time, we can help!

We have a very efficient online booking system and a front desk team just waiting for your call. Our front desk team is trained to identify, in a general sense, why you need us and to try and direct you to the most appropriate physiotherapist for you. Our physiotherapists are on a constant journey of personal and professional growth, ensuring that we have evidence-based and up to date assessment and treatment techniques to get you better, faster.

We will always look to get you better as soon as possible, empowering you and educating you in order to help yourself during your rehabilitation. Our patients are constantly grateful for the extra value-added services we provide, such as extra education on anatomy using our amazing anatomy apps which show al the layers of muscles in different parts of the body. Patients tell us they love this because it allows them to truly understand what their problem is, and we can describe how we are going to go about helping them.

So call us now on 9519 4913.

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