Having graduated from Macquarie University’s postgraduate Doctor of Physiotherapy program in 2017, Shaun has recently come on board with the team at Active Physiotherapy. He was awarded the 2017 Janet Greeley Prize for outstanding contribution to Physiotherapy at Macquarie University.

Shaun has a background in Exercise Physiology and has worked with the International Soccer Academy (ISA); a West Ham United Oceanic Academy. He was involved in injury prevention and rehabilitation of junior athletes, has been exposed to professional football (soccer) in Australia and abroad in the UK and Europe.

As a physiotherapist he enjoys exploring the complexities of human anatomy and physiology, as well as the biomechanics that underpin everyday and recreational activities. Shaun has a professional interest in Yoga, Pilates, sport/activity-specific movement patterns and manual therapy techniques, and he holds special interest in both back pain and lower limb injuries. He has a passion for education and believes in empowering clients through physiotherapy in order to help them achieve their goals and maintain their control over their health.

Shaun is also passionate about his football (soccer), tennis – he is a massive Federer fan – and running; he is looking to compete in his first marathon next year on the Gold Coast.