Adrian Jollow completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from the University of Sydney in 1997 and commenced work in the Hand Unit at RPAH in 1999. Adrian went on to further his skills and knowledge in Hand Therapy by completing a Master of Health Science (Physiotherapy) in 2002 through the University of Sydney.

Working exclusively in hands since 2002, Adrian has twelve years experience in a private hand therapy practice, managing a variety of conditions in conjunction with the expertise of Sydney Hand Surgery Associates. Conditions such as mallet fingers, dislocated fingers, arthritic conditions tendinopathies, fractured wrists, through to complex reconstructive post-operative management such as tendon / nerve repairs or transfers are all part of a day’s work as a hand therapist.

Adrian became a full member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) in 2004. Adrian is also currently the AHTA Historian. In addition to full membership of the AHTA, Adrian is an associate member of the NSW Hand Surgeons Association.

With 15 years experience in hand therapy, Adrian is skilled in post-operative management and wound care, scar management, oedema control, custom made thermoplastic and neoprene splinting, plaster and synthetic casting, and the appropriate rehabilitation of a variety of hand conditions.

When not contemplating the wonders of the human hand, another of Adrian’s passions is surfing the Northern Beaches of Sydney (or anywhere else for that matter).