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Active-Staff-webAs the longest established physiotherapy clinic in the Inner West, Active Physiotherapy Newtown has been providing our clients with “world’s best practice” manual therapy and rehabilitation, since 1990.

Our key focus is to provide you with the most effective patient care services. From your assessment and diagnosis to your treatment plan and implementation, you can rest assured you are being cared for in an honest and transparent way.

We believe in educating our clients to the best of our ability, so you’ll be involved in your healthcare every step of the way.

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  • I had pain in both knees that got progressively worse since my mid-thirties.  Over the years, I consulted numerous physiotherapists and an orthopaedic surgeon who advised me to restrict my activity to walking and ‘no-kick’ swimming. Despite following this advice, my knee pain recently increased to the point where I was driving just 700 meters from my house to the train station and taking taxis between offices in the CBD to avoid knee pain from walking. At only 44 years old, this was too much.  I consulted a new GP who referred me to Active Physiotherapy where I met Martyn Morris who completed a comprehensive assessment of my history and circumstances.  Martyn took the time to explain the causes of my knee pain and prescribed a treatment program of stretches and strengthening exercises.  Within weeks, I noticed a reduction in knee pain. In regular follow up sessions, Martyn provided feedback on my progress and introduced new exercises as my flexibility increased. Moreover, he also addressed some recurring back pain that was hindering my recovery.  I found these sessions informative as Martyn enthusiastically explained the rationale of my treatment and answered my questions. Thanks to Martyn, I am now walking and climbing stairs pain fee. Better still, I am doing exercises I have not done in years. I can’t stop smiling about my newfound mobility! Without reservation, I recommend Martyn Morris and the team at Active Physiotherapy. Dave, Stanmore.
  • Having suffered pain and restricted movement in my jaw for well over a year I consulted John about what could be done. After only 4 visits I have received complete relief from my pain and greatly increased jaw movement. John worked wonders in a very professional way, with no discomfort to me. I am most grateful to him. The only downside - now I can visit the dentist again!
    -Denise, Tempe
  • I am so pleased to have found Active Physiotherapy and Martyn Morris. I was born without a right major pectoral muscle which was something I was blissfully unaware of until my other muscles started to become painful. I had endured pain in my right underarm, arm and hand for over two years and after many visits to medical practitioners and numerous scans and ultrasounds, I was still no closer to discovering the cause of my pain or having a plan for treatment. When the pain became intolerable, I decided to try physiotherapy to see if that would help. On my first visit to Martyn Morris, he spent time listening to me and discussing the source of my pain and explaining what techniques he proposed. He looked closely at my posture, had me perform a number of exercises and then set to work on various trigger points to release my minor pectoral muscle (which had been my main cause of pain), to align my ribs and release some of my ligaments. I initially felt very sore after that first visit but I already began to feel relief of the pain. On my second visit, Martyn carried out the gentle and relaxing process of fascial unwinding to help release some of the tension and restrictions in my muscles. My arm is now free from pain and we are just working on making sure it stays that way. I am so grateful to Martyn for his wonderful expertise. I can't believe what a difference the physiotherapy has made. Thank you very much.
    -Sam, Newtown
  • John was recommended to me by a physiotherapist when I expressed concern about my neck and back which were all seized up after being 'manipulated' with a rubber mallet by a ligament therapy practitioner. Before seeing John, I tried some chiropractic work but found no benefit after many sesions. I walked out of John's office on my first visit able to turn my neck and with my spine significantly easier to move . John also did some visceral manipulation work on my tummy which left me feeling relaxed. I have been suffering IBS for years which has given me stomach cramping and John improved this cramping with the visceral work. I am so relieved and grateful for John's help. I am now pain free, have full movement and have my exercise program which keeps me gradually getting stronger.
    -Monique, Earlwood
  • I have been lucky enough to find Active Physiotherapy after suffering from lower back pain for a number of years. My symptoms had been getting progressively worse to the point that I needed prescription medication to control the pain. I had previously seen a number of physiotherapists each providing temporary relief but my pain always returned. After one of the worst episodes I was referred to see a neurosurgeon to discuss the available options and the possibility of back surgery. The care I received at Active Physiotherapy has allowed me to recover to the point that I am back to normal and currently have no need for any further treatment. Most importantly they have helped me to understand my problem, learn how to manage my posture and have given me exercises to build the muscles to support my back. I have personally encouraged a number of friends to use their services and would recommend them unreservedly.
    -John, Enmore
  • After 22 years of playing football and 15 years of riding dirt bikes, my knees were giving me constant pain. I consulted my usual physiotherapist who ‘diagnosed’ early onset arthritis and advised that for the most part, all I could do was manage the pain until I was old enough for knee replacement surgery! Daily glucosamine and occasional pain killers helped keep the pain under control but I couldn’t run or ride a push bike and even walking for more than ten minutes or climbing a set of stairs made my knees ache. I felt like at invalid at 40 and my retired parents in their seventies were more mobile than I was. My partner strongly recommended that I see Active Physiotherapy as she had received excellent, effective treatment there. I visited Active Physiotherapy and saw Steve, who prescribed new orthotics, gave me specific exercises to do and taught me better balance and walking movement. My knee pain subsided completely over the following weeks and I subsequently completed an endurance walk of 220 kilometres over five and a half days with none of the knee pain I had previously experienced! I’m currently planning a 440 kilometre endurance walk in early next year and plan to walk Kokoda the following year. Even day to day, I am now walking and riding my pushbike regularly without knee pain. When my sister recently told me that she was six weeks into a prescribed 12 week course of chiropractic treatment and that her pain was getting worse, naturally I referred her to Active Physiotherapy. After her first appointment with John, she felt significantly better and cancelled the remainder of her chiropractic course. Her second appointment at Active Physio with Steve saw another dramatic improvement in her condition. Not only have John and Steve relieved her pain, they have also saved her a lot of time and money on other treatment that wasn’t helping her at all. The professional and accurate diagnosis and treatment I received from Active Physiotherapy not only relieved my ongoing knee pain but restored my quality of life. I thoroughly recommend Active Physiotherapy to anyone seeking knowledgeable and effective physiotherapy treatment.
    -Sean, Bankstown
  • Having sought treatment from various practitioners over the last nine years for upper back pain and headaches, I was referred to Active Physiotherapy by a friend. Over the last year, John has been working to correct problems that others were not even able to diagnose, particulalry because of his expertise in the mechanics of the ribcage. I have also had postural correction sessions with Jane and have experienced a huge improvement to my position due to her approach. The attitude of the physios has been positive and supportive, while also encouraging me to be responsible for my own health with a targeted exercise plan. They are committed to constantly developing their own skills and knowledge to provide a holistic view of the patients' situation. While the physios are dedicated professionals, the atmosphere in the clinic is relaxed and friendly. I also attend Pilates classess every week at the practice with Andre, which are excellent. I have referred friends and family members to Active Physio and will continue to do so without hesitation.
    -Jodie, Newtown
  • As a qualified physiotherapist, I am well used to the feel of many physios ‘practising’ their skills on various parts of my body. This has made me acutely aware of what my body responds to and how little pressure my joints and muscles can tolerate. When I commenced training for a half marathon and started having hamstring pain, I sought the advice of many colleagues who told me it was a hamstring imbalance. But I felt it was more than that, as it did not seem to respond to stretching, and made running extremely painful. I knew it was time for specialised treatment. A friend referred me to the team at Active Physiotherapy and I was extremely impressed by their professionalism, their dedication and holistic approach. I have been treated by John, Steve and Drew, and I cannot praise them highly enough. They all have excellent diagnostic skills and work to address the dysfunction of the body – not just treat the symptoms. They use hands-on techniques which are both gentle yet very specific. Their focus is on education, and how you can help yourself – and not rely on having to continually return for unwarranted treatment sessions. This was very much appreciated as I live on the other side of Sydney! In my case, I had a complex series of mechanical dysfunctions in my rib cage and lower back that meant I could not tolerate my increased running load. This was causing extra load on my hamstrings and they were aching. The guys at Active corrected my mechanical problems and taught me how to run more efficiently. This changed how I loaded my body and I was able to finish the half marathon in my goal time! The atmosphere in the rooms is relaxed and friendly, and all therapists are happy to share a friendly and encouraging word. But the focus and attention is never lost. Running is now pain-free and I have the team at Active Physiotherapy to thank! I recently referred both my father and partner to them and I look forward to seeing the benefits I know they will gain.
    -Jane, Marsfield
  • I first met Jane Doneman three years ago. At that time, I had a very poor quality of life as a result of debilitating low back pain. This was caused by bulging discs, as well as pelvic and sacro-iliac joint problems. My pain was constant and I was prescribed morphine by doctors and told there was nothing else that could be done. Unable to accept the concept of this as a future, I eventually discovered Jane and for the first time encountered someone who was positive and confidently offered hope for a normal life. As a result of her astute diagnostic skills and brilliance as a physio, as well as advice on exercise and lifestyle, I am now medication free and enjoying a wonderful quality of life. I am now back to riding horses, competing in dressage at Prix St George level and aiming higher. I am now also preparing for my 3rd City to Surf and the World Masters Games in October. Thank you Jane! I would encourage anyone in need of physio to visit the team at Active Physiotherapy - they are so caring aand talented! Never give up - follow your dreams!
    -Ros, Calderwood